Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

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RAM Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 7" Tablets

Product no.: RAM-HOL-UN8BU

The RAM-HOL-UN8BU consists of a spring loaded cradle and 1" rubber ball connected to the back of the base.

65.78 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 100 g

RAM EZ-ROLL'R Model Specific Sync Cradle for the Samsung Galaxy 7.0

Product no.: RAM-HOL-SAM4U

The RAM-HOL-SAM4U consists of a high strength composite cradle and hole pattern that will allow the attachment to all RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern.

42.90 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 200 g

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip® Cradle

Product no.: RAM-B-166-UN8U

The RAM-B-166-UN8U consists of a 3.3" diameter suction cup twist lock base, STANDARD length double socket arm and universal spring loaded X-Grip® cradle for 7" tablets.

99.95 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 400 g

Cradle for 7" Tablets

Product no.: RAM-HOL-TAB5U

Get the most out of your tablet with the RAM Tab-Tite™ spring loaded, quick release cradle. 

39.59 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 200 g

RAM Tab-Lock™ Locking Cradle for 7" Tablets

Product no.: RAM-HOL-TABL-SMU

Almost everyone wants a tablet pc so don't let someone get yours for free. Keep it safe with the new RAM locking Tab-Lock™ tablet cradle.

119.71 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 300 g

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